Buffy the Vampire Slayer Costume

Buffy the Vampire Slayer costume

Fans of the world’s toughest Valley Girl have a choice to make when it comes to deciding which Buffy they want to be – the original film’s blonde and buxom Kirsty Swanson, or the hit TV show’s Sarah Michelle Gellar. The first look skews more towards the California airhead cliché – cheerleader skirt, school sweater and a pony tail – while the television program’s style was a little more nuanced and offers a few different possibilities. The WB’s Buffy ran the gamut from halter tops and brown or red leather pants to soft colored jackets and platform shoes. There’s even a popular version of the Buffy costume that has her wearing her white prom dress instead of her everyday vampire slaying duds. read more

Screech Costume

Screech 90s costume idea

Saved By The Bell‘s most memorable character definitely has to be Screech. The geeky, poorly dressed and awkwardly spoken teen was the comic relief of the program, and the ultra-loud colors of his clothing are seared into the minds of anyone who ever caught an episode. We all knew someone a little like Screech in high school – it may even be possible that you were more like Screech than you would care to admit. read more

Forrest Gump Costume

Forest Gump costume

It’s time to break out your southern drawl and folksy wisdom this Halloween (or for your 90s-inspired party) and dress up as one of the 1990s most celebrated simpletons, Forrest Gump. If Tom Hanks could pull it off, so can you. Forrest Gump was lovable thanks to his aw-shucks attitude, but the movie poster and bookend scenes of the film show Gump wearing the off-white sport coat and pants that have become indelibly associated with the character. read more

Austin Powers Costume

Austin Powers costume

In addition to spouting an entire legion of catchphrases (Yeah Baby!), Austin Powers as played by SNL funnyman Mike Meyers is one of the ultimate fun 90’s Halloween costumes. What other character combines bad teeth and questionable 60’s fashion sense so well? Austin’s flamboyant wardrobe is probably nothing like anything you have lying around at home, but with a little creativity you too can look like a British 60’s raver. read more

My So-Called Life’s Angela Chase Costume

90s Costume Idea - Angela Chase

Disaffected teens unite and pull those plaid shirts out of the closet – it’s time to recreate the look of one of the most iconic anti-heroines of 1990s television drama, Angela Chase. As the queen of angst, actress Claire Danes was frequently clothed in the mish-mash alternative rock style of the early part of the decade, which for you means either digging through your pile of castoffs or heading down to the local thrift shop to land some of the components you will need to make your Angela Chase look authentic. read more