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By Ryan Zimmerman
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Beverly Hills 90210 CastThere really is nothing like the original. Something about the freshness and uniqueness of something the first time around makes it great. So, when I heard they were doing a remake of Beverly Hills 90210, I shook my head in disbelief. How could they even attempt to redo something so masterful and iconic the first time around? Sure, they brought back a few of the initial cast members, but it


couldn’t possibly be as good as the 90s version we all loved so dearly. I gave the new season a chance, and couldn’t bear to keep watching. There weren’t any ripped jeans, no baggy pants, no jean jackets, no flannels around the waist — no nostalgia at all.

So, it brings me great joy to reminisce on the crème de la crème that was the inceptive 90210. It was called Beverly Hills 90210, but it didn’t take long for the fan base to shorten that to the most famous zip code to date — 90210 — when referencing the recap of an episode in the lunch line at school. The phenomena that was 90210 brought us the Beverly Brood, that consisted of Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Steve, Andrea, Dylan, David and Donna.

Brandon was the "MAN-don." The guy was slick and suave with the West Beverly babes. His hair was styled with such impeccable force and mousse that it could withstand driving around in his yellow mustang with the top down. Brenda….oh Brenda. Brenda was the twin sister of Brandon, yet in real life, Priestley and Doherty thought that incest was best, and put the ratings to the test. They dated off the Beverly Hills 90210 logoair for most of the first season, but audiences didn’t seem to mind, as the show continued to rule the school. Her character on the show, however, inevitably fell head over heels for Dylan (Luke Perry) and who could blame her? The guy had the sideburns of the Gods. They were so incredibly even that carpenters rented him out to verify their house frames were level. I tried to do the sideburns thing, but all I got facial hair-wise was a pencil thin moustache that was more creepy than cool. Steve was the chia-headed wing man. Typically causing trouble and doing anything to impress the ladies, Steve gave the show that sleezy, yet stylin’ guy that you couldn’t help but like. Donna and David were like that annoying couple you always saw holding hands and hugging by their locker. Except these two were the extreme — drugs, sex and a rockin’ deejay made these two a train wreck waiting to happen. Kelly was the ever-morphing character, who went through everything from cults to cocaine. Apparently it worked, because she was one of the few that remained on the show for the full 10 seasons. Last, but certainly, okay, probably least, was Andrea. I think she was there to show high school girls that you can get a guy like Brandon. Unfortunately, he would have to be on ecstasy to like you in return. Plus, on the first season, she played a high schooler, when in actuality, she was 29 years old. So, I give her credit for being able to pull that off.

Shannen Doherty as Brenda Walsh Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor Luke Perry as Dylan McKay

Brenda Walsh
(Shannen Doherty)

Brandon Walsh
(Jason Priestley)

Kelly Taylor
(Jennie Garth)

Dylan McKay
(Luke Perry)

The show was monumental in the 90s and became a hit for high schoolers everywhere. Remember kids, even if you get wasted at prom, you can still have your friends rally behind you and receive your diploma. Because, and please, chant it with me, "Donna Martin Graduates! Donna Martin Graduates!"

Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders Tori Spelling as Donna Martin Brian Austin Green as David Silver Gabrielle Carteris as Andrea Zuckerman

Steve Sanders
(Ian Ziering)

Donna Martin
(Tori Spelling)

David Silver
(Brian Austin Green)

Andrea Zuckerman
(Gabrielle Carteris)


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