Budweiser Commercials


Budweiser frogs & lizardsOnce again, Anheuser-Busch brought us memorable TV ads in the 1990s with the likes of "I Love You Man," the Budweiser Frogs, and the "Wassup?" guys.  Everywhere you went people were ribbiting "Bud – Weis – Er" and greeting friends with a "Wazzzz Upppp?" My high school graduating class even used the Budweiser frogs for the theme of our Senior Shirts.  Only it read, "Much – Wise – Er." Relieve your own 90s memories with these classic Budweiser commercials.



I Love You Man   I Love You Man – Featuring Charlton Heston
Budweiser Frogs & Lizards – Compilation   Budweiser Frogs & Crocodile
Wassup?   Wassup? with Girlfriend


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