Creepy Child Stars of the ’90s Who Grew Up Sexy


The 1990s were peppered with awkward-looking child stars who could both steal your heart and haunt your nightmares. All too often we’ve heard stories of drug abuse, legal trouble and other altercations from these weird little kids who grew up in the spotlight. But what about the ones who made it out unscathed (or only a little bruised)? Are they successful today? More importantly, did any of them ever grow into their ears?


Senta Moses

Children’s television has been discreetly educating us for years, forcing us to learn, enthusiastic and wide-eyed, without our consent. If we knew how much schooling we were taking away from Beakman’s World, would we ever have watched? Season 4 (1996-97) featured Senta Moses as "Phoebe," Beakman’s nerdy, round-faced, curly-haired female assistant. Since the ’90s, Moses has grown from awkward to awfully beautiful and has scored recurring roles on various television programs such as ABC’s Greek and General Hospital.

Senta Moses in the 90s on Beakman's World
  Senta Moses today

Jenna Von Oy

Every girl growing up in the ’90s remembers Blossom because of her quirky style and confident individuality. Her character illustrated a generation of intelligent, curious and bold young women. But what of her not-so-bright partner-in-crime Six LeMeure, played by Jenna Von Oy? Jenna eventually grew into her toothy smile and shed the horrific fake flower accessories, continuing with minor acting roles and a brief stint in country music. She is currently surprisingly attractive and a happily married mother of one.

Blossom's Jenna Von Oy in the 90s
  Jenna Von Oy today

Alisan Porter

In 1991, the poorly-received (but still classic) movie Curly Sue alerted us to the comedic nature of child homelessness. Played by Alisan Porter, little Sue spelled her way into our hearts with her bouncy curls and chubby cheeks. Alison Porter grew up faster than a child in the gutter and became an absolute fox, which is unfortunate considering that these days, she has mostly stepped away from the spotlight to enjoy a happy family life. Boring.

Alisan Porter as Curly Sue (1991)
  Alisan Porter today

Josh Saviano

Every girl growing up in the late ’80s and early ’90s probably had a crush on The Wonder Years‘ Fred Savage at some point. Only some very sad, confused girls can say the same for his nerdy, on-screen sidekick, Paul Pfieffer (played by Saviano). Despite rumors of growing up to be Marilyn Manson, Saviano led a much less interesting life full of Ivy League schooling and and a successful law career. And by the way, he’s hot now. Bet you wish you didn’t pick on that nerd in your ninth grade math class, eh?

The Wonder Years' Josh Saviano in the 90s
  Josh Saviano today

Jodie Sweetin

The middle child is always a little weird, even in a television family. Jodie Sweetin’s biggest role to date was the painfully preteen Stephanie Tanner on Full House. But touché, DJ: lil’ Steph grew up sexy! Despite a mid-career derailment with such designer drugs as crystal meth, Sweetin has been rebuilding her career (and reputation) throughout the last decade with more acting roles and an autobiography detailing her substance abuse issues and early career.

Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie Tanner on Full House (1987-1995)
  Jodie Sweetin today

Neil Patrick Harris

The smarmy Doogie Howser was the pint-sized lead character in the show of the same name. Today, Doogie’s portrayer Neil Patrick Harris is better known for his co-starring role on one of the best-received sitcoms in the last decade, How I Met Your Mother, where he plays a sex addicted, womanizing stud. He’s also a gay icon and widely acknowledged as one of the funniest people to grace the small screen in recent memory. That has to be cooler than diagnosing terminal illnesses at the age of sixteen.

Neil Patrick Harris as Doogie Howser in the 90s
  Neil Patrick Harris today


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