My So-Called Life’s Angela Chase Costume


90s Costume Idea - Angela ChaseDisaffected teens unite and pull those plaid shirts out of the closet – it’s time to recreate the look of one of the most iconic anti-heroines of 1990s television drama, Angela Chase. As the queen of angst, actress Claire Danes was frequently clothed in the mish-mash alternative rock style of the early part of the decade, which for you means either digging through your pile of castoffs or heading down to the local thrift shop to land some of the components you will need to make your Angela Chase look authentic.

We recommend the following for maximum effect:


  • A flower-print dress, which can be worn over a grey t-shirt or dark leotard, depending on your mood.
  • A man’s plaid shirt, either tied around the waist or hanging open off of your shoulders.
  • Dark tights.
  • And of course the piece-de-resistance: a dark metallic red wig (one below will need some trimming) and rich red lipstick. If you’re feeling particularly daring, then throw caution to the wind and just dye your hair to match Angela’s dramatic doo.

If you plan on hitting up a costume party with a few friends, why not make it a My So-Called Life reunion and convince your buds to go as Jordan Catalano, Rayanne Graff or Rickie Vasquez, who each have their own particular 90s look. It’s an uncommon cast of characters that should have other attendees congratulating you on your originality.

To help you pull together this great 90s costume, we’ve provided links below to buy any of the key elements that you might be missing.


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