Austin Powers Costume


Austin Powers costumeIn addition to spouting an entire legion of catchphrases (Yeah Baby!), Austin Powers as played by SNL funnyman Mike Meyers is one of the ultimate fun 90’s Halloween costumes. What other character combines bad teeth and questionable 60’s fashion sense so well? Austin’s flamboyant wardrobe is probably nothing like anything you have lying around at home, but with a little creativity you too can look like a British 60’s raver.

Here are some of the building blocks you will need to craft your own International Man of Mystery costume:


  • A big part of the Austin Powers look is a play on the British party dandy. A frilly white short with big sleeves and bigger cuffs is a must. You can follow this up with a velvet suit or a formal velvet blazer done up in the older style – not too 70’s, remember. A vest can be substituted for the blazer in a pinch.
  • Pants need to be velvet as well, and super tight, but they don’t have to match the blazer unless you can find Austin’s classic color – blue.
  • Big frilly cravat.
  • Showy shoes or boots.
  • You can find fake teeth at a costume shop.
  • Dark-rimmed, thick plastic glasses. Lenses are optional.
  • Austin’s hair rarely ‘bee-haved’, so ruffle yours up as crazy as you can and see if you can get it to flop down over your eyes.
  • Throw in some 60’s paraphernalia for garnish: medallions, Union Jack cufflinks or perhaps a jaunty belt buckle.

That’s all you need to be truly SHAGEDELIC!

To help you pull together this great 90s costume, we’ve provided links below to buy any of the key elements that you might be missing.


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