Bob Ross Costume


Bob Ross costume ideaBob Ross is everybody’s favorite painter with a fro and calm demeanor. His program, The Joy of Painting, ran for twelve years on PBS. In his soft voice and slow paced speech, he instructed us how to oil paint using simple techniques and steps that anyone could follow. While my projects never looked like much, Bob could transform a blank canvas into a work of art within 30 minutes. In addition to art tutorials, Mr. Ross provided us with life lessons too like, “We don’t make mistakes, we make happy accidents.” He also taught us that all things in nature a happy . . . “Happy Little Trees” and “Happy Little Clouds.” So why not honor this great artist and dress up like him. After all, they say imitation is the highest form of flattery.


To pull off an awesome Bob Ross costume you’ll need the following:

  • Light blue long sleeve dress shirt. Leave the top two buttons undone and roll up those sleeves. After all, you don’t want to get paint on them!
  • Dark Blue Jeans
  • Black belt
  • Most importantly some brown frizzy fro hair and a full trimmed beard with integrated moustache
  • Art pallet with several different colors of paint and a paint brush. (Note: Make sure to paint your pallet several days before hand so the paint has time to dry!) If you want to be completely authentic, be sure to include the following colors: cadmium yellow, phthalo blue, sap green, midnight black, alizarin crimson, titanium white, and van dyke brown.
  • And finally don’t forget to practice the phrases mentioned above in your best Bob Ross-eqsue soft-spoken voice

As Bob Ross would say, “I’d like to wish you happy painting and God bless my friend.”

Need more inspiration for you Bob Ross costume/persona? Try these The Joy of Painting clips.

Painting a Sky

Painting Clouds

Painting an Evergreen Tree

Painting Snow-Covered Mountains

To help you pull together this great 90’s costume, we’ve provided links below to buy any of the key elements that you might be missing.


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