Buffy the Vampire Slayer Costume


Buffy the Vampire Slayer costumeFans of the world’s toughest Valley Girl have a choice to make when it comes to deciding which Buffy they want to be – the original film’s blonde and buxom Kirsty Swanson, or the hit TV show’s Sarah Michelle Gellar. The first look skews more towards the California airhead cliché – cheerleader skirt, school sweater and a pony tail – while the television program’s style was a little more nuanced and offers a few different possibilities. The WB’s Buffy ran the gamut from halter tops and brown or red leather pants to soft colored jackets and platform shoes. There’s even a popular version of the Buffy costume that has her wearing her white prom dress instead of her everyday vampire slaying duds.


However you choose to do it, there are a few accessories that are a must have in order to complete the bubbly Buffy ensemble:

  • Wooden stake – the sharper the better.
  • If platforms aren’t your thing, try black boots for a Buffy-on-the-go feel.
  • The all-important blonde wig.

One of the best parts about dressing up as Buffy is accessorizing your friends as either vampires like the popular Spike (bleach blonde hair and British leather look) or Buffy acolytes like Willow or Giles (warm fuzzy sweaters and intellectual glasses). The Buffy universe offers a number of fun costume ideas.

Willow Rosenberg

Rupert Giles



To help you pull together this great 90s costume, we’ve provided links below to buy any of the key elements that you might be missing.


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