Courtney Love Costume


Alternative rock’s most famous female mess makes for a trashy but perfect costume choice. Courtney Love’s bizarre and varied wardrobe means that there are a few different ways to capture her zoned-out heroin chic on Halloween, depending upon how far you want to go.

The least skin you can show as Courtney involves wearing a thrift store dress. Go for something with a fair amount of ornamentation or frills and make sure it’s a single color and just a bit too big for you. You can top it off with Doc Marten boots and bright red lipstick that’s a little smeared around the edges.


A sexier Courtney involves a blue or pink pushup bra worn under a fishnet body stocking that may or may not cover your arms as well. With midriff bared, you can wear a dark colored skirt, pastel leggings and knee-high boots. You can also bring a thrift store sweater for later if you think you’ll get cold.

Crazy Courtney is only for the brave, as it means sacrificing a great deal of your dignity. A torn baby-doll dress is not a bad way to start, with the briefest of underwear and ballet slippers. If you can find an elaborate boa to wrap around your neck, so much the better. You also need to make sure to put your makeup on during the car ride over to the party, and have the driver take the bumpiest road possible – especially when putting on your lipstick.

Whichever Courtney you choose to be, a dirty blonde wig is the capstone that ties everything together – so don’t forget to find one that is as trashy as possible.

For inspiration, check out Hole’s music videos for "Miss World," "Doll Parts," and "Celebrity Skin." And to further get into character, why not get into Courtney’s head? Check out her MySpace blog.

To help you pull together this great 90’s costume, we’ve provided links below to buy any of the key elements that you might be missing.


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