Dana Scully Costume


Dana Scully Costume - 90s HeroineAs partner and voice of reason to Fox Mulder on the iconic 90’s sci-fi drama The X-Files, Dana Scully wore an outfit that was professional and to the point in almost every episode. She has also become somewhat of a cult fashion figure amongst fans of the program, and her simple style makes her a prime target for a 1990s Halloween costume.

At the FBI, conservative dressing is the way to go, and to recreate Scully’s daily duds you will need the following:


  • A white blouse.
  • Dark blue or black pant suit, complete with jacket. If you want to substitute a business-style skirt, then that can work too.
  • Dark heels.
  • A gold cross to go around your neck.
  • An FBI badge with your picture or Scully’s, and of course Scully’s name and signature. You can laminate a rectangular piece of poster board to get an authentic look and clip it to your breast pocket.
  • Red wig (one below could use a some trimming), or for the ultimate in Scully impersonation, dye your own hair a shade of strawberry.
  • There are a few other accessories you can use to complete the outfit. A gun or flashlight are a good bet, and you can also make your entrance wearing either a long trench coat or an FBI windbreaker – yellow reflective tape is great for spelling out the letters on the back.

Dana Scully X-Files costume idea

To help you pull together this great 90’s costume, we’ve provided links below to buy any of the key elements that you might be missing.


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