Forrest Gump Costume


Forest Gump costumeIt’s time to break out your southern drawl and folksy wisdom this Halloween (or for your 90s-inspired party) and dress up as one of the 1990s most celebrated simpletons, Forrest Gump. If Tom Hanks could pull it off, so can you. Forrest Gump was lovable thanks to his aw-shucks attitude, but the movie poster and bookend scenes of the film show Gump wearing the off-white sport coat and pants that have become indelibly associated with the character.


Forrest Gump and Jenny CurranIf you look closely at his outfit, you’ll see that he is also sporting a checkered blue cowboy-style shirt underneath his coat that actually makes an appearance in other scenes in the movie as well. The Forrest Gump outfit might look simple, but it cleverly touches on several important scenes from the film, all in one package, and to do it right you need an eye for detail. Gump doesn’t wear a tie – his look is classy, not formal – but there are a few other accessories that you will need to fill out his costume:

• Beaten up running shoes. These tie-in to his epic solo trek across the country.
• Orange and grey striped sweat socks.
• A brown steamer trunk.
• And of course, the all-important box of chocolates. If you go out dressed as Gump,
  prepare to hand out a lot of free bon-bons.

It is easy to make this a couples costume by including your favorite Jennay. Think 70s-free-spirit in pulling together her look. Here are the happy couple together (pictured right). We like the details they’ve brought to the costumes like his receding hairline and the ping pong paddle.

To help you pull together this great 90’s costume, we’ve provided links below to buy any of the key elements that you might be missing.


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