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Marge Simpson costume idea - Be everyone's favorite TV mom for your next 90s party 

The world’s most famous cartoon mom – well, probably the most famous television mom period – might seem like a difficult Halloween costume to pull off thanks to the program’s reality-bending details (yellow skin, blue beehive, etc). The truth is, Marge’s never-changing outfit actually makes it really easy to produce an authentic Simpsons costume on the barest of budgets.

Here’s what you will need for maximum Marge style points:


  • Marge Simpson costumeHair: Marge’s huge blue hairdo can of course be found at a wig or costume shop. However, if you are feeling creative you can always build one yourself. Roll up a piece of poster board into a cylinder shape that fits on your head and glue pom-poms or cotton balls to it, then spray-paint it blue. It helps to trim the poster board so that it comes down around the sides of your head and leaves space for your forehead, giving you an instant hairline.

  • Dress: A green tube top dress can usually be located at a thrift shop, but it can also be easily made out of a terry-cloth towel or even a shower curtain or poncho if you have one lying around.  Or, you can buy an inexpensive green fabric – you will need enough to wrap around you two times.

  • Yellow skin is the stumbling block for many. You have the choice of either pancaking yellow makeup all over (messy and tedious), or buying a yellow bodysuit. Make sure that it has sleeves and fingers.  But, as you can see from the picture here, the yellow skin is optional.  The costume still looks great without it.

  • Accessories: The final pieces of the Marge look are a red beaded necklace and red shoes. Once again, a can of spray-paint comes in handy if you can’t locate the items in the appropriate color.

To help you pull together this great 90’s costume, we’ve provided links below to buy any of the key elements that you might be missing.


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