Sailor Moon Costume


Sailor Moon aka Serena TsukinoIf you have a pixie-ish build, then you might want to give a shot at dressing up as one of the world’s foremost anime icons. Sailor Moon leapt off the TV screen and into the hearts of teens and grown men and women alike when the program was imported from Japan in the 90’s. Her unique look is a combination of the Japanese animation tradition that walks the line between wholesome and naughty, meaning that you can choose to tip things in either direction depending on your mood.

Sailor Moon’s look seems a bit complicated, especially if you have ever seen serious anime junkies dressed up on their way to a convention, but you can easily make it happen if you pull together the right ensemble:


  • If you actually own a sailor’s suit, then you might be able to put the top to good purpose. If not, then don’t worry – you can always go with a white bodysuit, as long as it doesn’t have sleeves. Going that route also requires you to find a dark blue naval collar.

  • Sailor Moon with her Crescent Moon WandA dark blue skirt that comes down just before your knees.

  • Arm-length white gloves – red trim at the elbow is a bonus.

  • A big red ribbon to tie across your collarbone.

  • Knee-high red or pink pointed boots.

  • Super-long pigtail wig – blonde, of course, with two red scrunchies.

  • A gold tiara.

  • Bonus Item: Crescent Moon Wand – can be found on eBay

The whole Sailor Moon esthetic is sort of like a princess / sailor / cheerleader, so make sure to open your eyes as wide as you can and smile almost all the time and you’ll have it down pat.

To help you pull together this great 90’s costume, we’ve provided links below to buy any of the key elements that you might be missing.


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