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Edward Scissorhands costumeIf you’re stuck for a costume when Halloween or a 90s-themed party rolls around, then why not try mining the pop culture history that the 1990’s has so generously provided? Sure, the decade wasn’t all that long ago, but that’s actually part of what makes a 90s costume choice so poignant – the events of the era are still fresh in everyone’s mind, guaranteeing that you won’t have party-goers squinting at your costume choice and making that confused little frown as they try to figure out who / what you are.

The 1990s are ripe for creative costume ideas, with a wide range of possible


choices to satisfy even the most jaded Gen Xer. The political spectrums offers such gems as Monica Lewinsky and her Bill Clinton boy toy accessory, perfect for a couple looking to get some laughs. Or maybe lampooning some of the fashion statements made by performers like Vanilla Ice (Day-Glo, Day-Glo and more Day-Glo) backwards fanatics Kris Kross or grunge icon Kurt Cobain (replace ‘Day-Glo’ with ‘plaid’) is more your style.

Movies also provide a veritable treasure trove of cultural touchstones, with characters like Austin Powers, the Men In Black and Forest Gump providing built-in wardrobes that make for easy to put together and distinctive costumes.

Check out these 90s costume ideas – complete with practical tips on how to pull off the most authentic 90’s experience possible – that should send you back on a time warp to a decade where even the most jaded Goths made elaborate fashion statements on a daily basis.

90s Costumes for Women

My So-Called Life’s Angela Chase
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Britney Spears
Monica Lewinsky
Goth Girl
Sailor Moon
Dana Scully (The X-Files)
Courtney Love
Lara Croft
Marge Simpson
Dazed and Confused’s Darla Marks
The Golden Girls
Peggy Bundy (Married… With Children)

90s Unisex & Group Costumes

Troll Dolls
Spice Girls
Boy Band

90s Costumes for Men

Austin Powers
Kurt Cobain
Vanilla Ice
Forrest Gump
Men In Black
Screech (Saved by the Bell)
Kris Kross
Bob Ross
Steve Urkel (Family Matters)
Wayne Campbell & Garth Algar (Wayne’s World)

Did you dress up as a 90s persona for Halloween or a costume party? Tell us how your costume turned out and send us your pictures! We’d love to post them on our site.  


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