90s Floral Makes a Return


July 13, 2012

No early 90s wardrobe was complete without a range of floral printed options. Floral dresses were a mainstay, but we also loved to get a little crazy with other pieces and enjoyed floral jackets, handbags, skirts, pants, jumpsuits, and shoes. The floral trend of the 90s snuck in with the late 80s, led perhaps by the ubiquitous Laura Ashley floral dresses and jumpsuits. As we rounded into the 90s, the dresses took on an edgier feel (as edgy as one can be decked out in flowers) with rising hemlines and a move towards an a-line/babydoll shape. The floral trend was in force until about 1993/94. I remember a particularly fabulous floral printed blazer that I was immensely proud of around 1991. In retrospect, it closely resembled something that you might find on your grandmother’s sofa cushions, but it felt fun, fresh and feminine to me at the time. I imagine that it is exactly those reasons that we are seeing a return to flower prints.

Check out this collection of 90s vintage floral pieces.



90s Vintage Floral Jumpsuit (photo credit: Sugar Town Vintage)   90s Vintage Floral Pants (photo credit: 90s 411)   90s Vintage Floral Dress (photo credit: Black Sheep by V e l v e t L e a f)   90s Vintage Floral Babydoll Dress (photo credit: Neon Threads Designs)
(photo credit: Sugar Town Vintage   (photo credit: 90s 411)     (photo credit: Black Sheep by V e l v e t L e a f)     (photo credit: Neon Threads Designs)  


90s Vintage Floral Shorts (photo credit: Vintage ReBelle)   90s Vintage Floral Backpack   90s Vintage Floral Doc Martins
(photo credit: Vintage ReBelle        

Rebecca Adams of HuffPost Style wrote a great piece earlier this year on Alicia Silverstone in 1993 and how to re-create that style now. Here’s a look at Alicia’s super cute floral dress with black clogs.

Alicia Silverston rocking a floral dress and clogs in 1993
Alicia Silverstone Rocking a Floral Dress in 1993

2012 returns to Flower Power with a wide range of pattern-happy options blooming all over the fashion landscape. We’ve scouted the web for some petal perfect touches to add to your late summer and fall wardrobe. Floral pants seem to be the biggest trend. Here is Jessica Alba before she appeared on Live with Kelly (pictured below). Click here for a story showing how to achieve this look. In keeping with today’s styles, the 2012 floral pants are skinnier and feature this year’s cropped styling. Here are two examples (one at each end of the price spectrum), one by Target ($23) and this is a great pair by Paige Demin ($99, and that’s half off!).

Jessica Alba looking stylish in floral print pants   Floral print pants by Target   Floral print pants by Paige Denim
Jessica Alba Stylin’ in Floral Pants   Floral Pants by Target   Floral Pants by Paige Demin


If you prefer a dress to pants, this floral dress by Nasty Gal is perfect example. The cut is authentic, and the pattern is fun. Here is another example as a slightly lower price point ($39) by Urban Outfitters. These dresses can transition easily from summer to fall by adding a jacket (a jean jacket for a very 90210 touch) and boots. If you really want to complete the 90s look, make the boots Docs. There are tons of reasonably priced 90s vintage floral dresses available on etsy and eBay as well if you prefer to go the vintage route and keep it 90s real.

  Floral print dress by Nasty Girl   Floral print dress by Urban Outfitters  
  Floral Dress by Nasty Gal   Floral Dress by Urban Outfitters  

You can even get a new pair of floral Doc Martens (although we don’t recommend pairing the floral docs with the floral dresses—that’s too much of a good thing)! Check out this pair by Urban Outfitters. If you choose to go floral in your footwear, you’ll want to stay with solids (maybe some fun colored jeans) up top.

Floral Doc Martins from Urban Outfitters
Floral Doc Martins from Urban Outfitters

Feminine and flirty, floral offers a great way to get back to the days of Nirvana and 90210 while being right on trend.


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