Gap Commercials


Gap's Khakis Swing makes you wanna "Jump, Jive, 'an Wail"Remember those quirky and catchy Gap commercials of the 90s? They made us all want to run to the mall and spend our allowance on khakis, cords & vests so we could look chick and preppy like the cool peeps in the commercials. Now if only wearing their pants made you a swing dance expert….



Khakis Swing … Jump, Jive, ‘an Wail   Everybody in Cords … Mellow Yellow
Everybody in Vests … Dress You Up   Khaki Country … Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    Watch Dwight Yoakam’s music video for
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Everybody in Leather … Just Can’t Get Enough   Khaki a-go-go … Wild Elephants (Blow Up A Go Go)


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