Hair Fashion Accessories of the 90’s


90s Hair AccessoriesIn my late teens and early 20’s I worked in the restaurant business and having to wear my hair up and out of my face day after day led to some creative hair styling. Luckily for me it was the early 90’s and I had a surplus of hair accoutrements from which to choose: banana clips, scrunchies and bandanas were my chosen tools of the trade. I could do various forms of pony tails and braids but it never would have crossed my mind to put my hair in any kind of bun!

Now, to my amazement, my much younger
sister, who is in her early 20’s and in the restaurant business, manages to put her hair up into cute, somewhat messy-but-put-together buns with nothing but bobby pins and I have started to adopt this look for yoga. Yoga? Didn’t do that in the 90’s either…but I digress…


90s hair accessories: butterfly clipsWhatever happened to the banana clip and why did it fall out of favor? It easily held my rather fine hair and I even did an upside down mane with it when my hair was short enough. What is this strange, erstwhile style of which I speak you ask? I would simply flip my head upside down so my hair was falling forward across my forehead towards the floor and I would put the banana clip in with the hair coming out on the top of my head. I would add this hair to my bangs and let it fall down the side of my face and, voila! It looked like I had much thicker, longer hair then I actually did.

Butterfly Clips

Nobody embodied the butterfly clip quite like Sarah Michelle Geller’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The butterfly clip was a miniature version of the larger hair clip, but shaped like a butterfly. They came in all the colors of the rainbow and often featured glitter. They 90s hair accessories: scrunchieswere generally worn in one of two ways. First, they could be worn using just one clip to hold back one side of your hair. This involved a side part on one side so that most of your hair went to the opposite side. You would then use the clip or pin (both available as butterflies) to pull back your hair just a little near the hairline.

Alternatively, you could use several butterfly clips to create a more dramatic effect.


The scrunchie has also fallen out of favor which is equally baffling considering that is doesn’t damage one’s hair, it holds better then many other pony ties, and it comes in fabulous colors like neon green. What did the scrunchie ever do to the fashion world to be shunned from any stylish women’s wardrobe?


90s hair accessories: bandanasFor those days back in the 90’s when I may have taken a few days off from showering; please remember it was the grunge era; I had my trusty bandana to cover up my greasy roots. My favorite style for particularly bad hair days was to put my hair in a braid on either side of my head so that they hung down right behind my ears and then cover the top with a bandana. Mine were the classic cotton of various colors with the little black swirls through out.

Now, there is not a banana clip to be found in any of my drawers which are full of bobby pins and invisible pony elastics. Although, in the very darkest recess of my farthest drawer there does lie a pile of scrunchies. They are not allowed to leave the bathroom or see the light of day as they can only come out late at night…as I wash my face before bed.


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