The 90s on Netflix


May 20, 2014


Netflix is making it easier to get your 90s on this month as they add new movies to their streaming catalog. In addition to the many great 90s movies that are already on Netflix, like 1998’s "Can’t Hardly Wait" and 1995’s "Clueless," they’ve added five 90s classics to the mix as of the first of this month (May 2014).

Can't Hardly Wait (1998)   Clueless (1995)  

In chronological order, the newly added movies include: "The Prince of Tides" (1991), "Hook" (1991), "Forrest Gump" (1994), "Kiss the Girls" (1997), and "Boys Don’t Cry" (1999). These movies range wildly in tone from romantic, to fun, to seriously difficult to watch (I’m looking at you, "Boys Don’t Cry"). There’s a little something for everyone, no matter your mood. And really, can you see "Forest Gump" too many times? No, you cannot.

The Prince of Tides (1991)   Hook (1991)   Forrest Gump (1994)   Kiss the Girls (1997)   Boys Don't Cry (1999)

If TV’s more your speed and you enjoy a good Netflix binge, there are several awesome 90s choices, including "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "That 70s Show," and "Charmed." Don’t even get me started on the 90s-vintage "Star Trek" options!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer   That 70s Show   Charmed   Freaks and Geeks

But, the best 90s offering by far available to stream on Netflix is the one and only season of "Freaks and Geeks." If you haven’t seen it, do it this weekend. Even if we can’t go back to the 90s, we can watch it on Netflix!


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