90s Party Games


Everyone loves nostalgia. Whether you’re having a full-fledged 90s party or just hanging out with other fans of the 90s, these games can help you bring the 90s back.


Name That Show

Whatever happened to predictability? You knew these songs in the 90s, prove it now when you compete to name theme songs the fastest. Create a playlist of theme songs from shows from the 90s. When the party starts, hit play, and give out points for whoever names the correct show first.

90s Singing Bee

Create a playlist of 90s classic songs. For each song, decide on a place to stop the music, and then write down the next few lyrics. When it’s time to play, play the songs and challenge players to name the exact lyrics after you stop. Just like a spelling bee, if you miss-quote, you’re out. Keep playing until only one player is left.

Dramatic Lyrical Readings

Here we are now, entertain us! Print a few lines of lyrics from popular 90s songs. If you really want to take it up a notch, print the lyrics onto a notecard or cut each song onto its own strip of paper. Playing as teams or individuals, take turns reading them in a dramatic fashion. Points are given to the players or teams who can correctly identify the song title and artist.

90s Celebrities

Split the group into two or more teams consisting of two or more players each. Each player is given five slips of paper before the game begins. Write the name of a 90s celebrity or fictional character on each slip of paper. When everyone is finished, mix up the slips of paper.

Each player gets one minute to draw names and get his or her teammates to guess as many celebrities as they can. The team gets one point for each celebrity guessed correctly. The round ends when all the slips have been used.

Round One:
Players can say anything (other than rhymes with, starts with, etc.) and do any actions as their clues. When the round ends, mix up the names again.

90s Party Games: 90s Who Am I?Round Two:
Players can use only one word as a clue. When the round ends, mix up the names again.

Round Three:
Players can use only actions as a clue. When the round ends, mix up the names again.

The team with the most points after three rounds wins!

90s Charades

Put a 90s twist on this parlor game classic by acting out the names of movies, TV shows and celebrities from the 90s.

90s Who Am I?

Write the names of people from the 90s onto name tags. Without looking, everyone draws a tag and sticks it to their forehead. People interact with each other and ask questions to try to determine who you are. For example:

Guest one (Bill Clinton): "Hi. Were you expecting me to play music this evening?"

Guest two: "Well, sir, you do play the saxophone."


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