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Nostalgic throwback parties are a big hit these days. They make the perfect way to celebrate a 30th birthday! Are you ready to throw a killer 90s party? Pinterest makes it super easy. From inviting your guests to inevitably kicking them out of your house when you’re ready for bed, we’ve combed Pinterest for 90s inspiration to ensure your 90s party is the bomb.


Your friends need to know where to go, what to wear, and what to expect, so you’ll need to send out invitations. And what better way to clue your guests in on the theme than to use 90s-inspired invitations? These cute cassette tape invites can be taken one step farther by using actual cassettes from 90s artists, which you can usually pick up at the thrift store for pennies. Buy some printable cassette tape labels (yes, they still make those!) and hand out your musical invitations.


90s-inspired cassette tape invitations


Having the right mix of music will make or break your 90s party. After all, what would it be like without some MC Hammer and House of Pain blaring in the background? You can go with soundtracks from 90s shows and movies or a preprogrammed 90s station on Spotify or Pandora.

Blast 90s tunes from soundtracks like Party of Five   Get the party started with from 90s stations on Spotify or Pandora


Thinking about snacking in the 90s brings back one primary memory: junk food. From Bubble Tape to Gushers, cavities reigned king. Most of these products are no longer made, but you can create tribute cupcakes and cookies if you’ve got some frosting and a steady hand.

  Fruit Gushers, a staple snack of the 90s   Make cool tribute party snacks like these Saved By The Bell cookies  


How would anyone know it’s a 90s party if you didn’t have posters of boy bands and the cast of Friends displayed proudly on your walls? If you prefer to keep your drywall intact, mood lighting and some neon day-glow streamers can create the perfect atmosphere. Encourage your guests to wear neon to accentuate the effect, as well.

Boy band posters, like BSB, is a 90s party decoration essential   Dress and decorate in neon for that early 90s flavor.

We love what these guys did with the décor by hanging CDs from the ceiling:

Hang some CDs from the ceiling for that extra 90s ambiance


Obviously, your guests will need something to do at your party. Sure, you could sit down and watch classics like Clueless or Forest Gump, but there are a lot more interactive options. Why not try some 90s karaoke or a dance contest?

Classic 90s Movies: Clueless   Classic 90s Movies: Forrest Gump   90s karaoke can liven up any party

If your guests aren’t into the performance aspect, it seems like every television program in the 90s had their own board game and many can still be found on eBay. Or, a DIY game of 90s Who Am I? Still not satisfied? There are always Pogs

Try some 90s board games like Saved by the Bell the Game   Make your own party games like 90s Who Am I?   90s movies & music not doing if for you? Play some pogs!

A super fun addition to any party is a photo booth. Here are some #90s photo booth props!

Super fun 90s photo booth props   Super fun 90s photo booth props


Whether you’re going for a more specific 90s theme, such as a Power Rangers party, or something more open to interpretation, you should definitely encourage your guests to dress up. Nothing amps up the 90s party mood like having a chat with Blossom or sharing a drink with the Fresh Prince.

Pick a specific 90s theme for your party like Power Ranges   Dress the part and go as a 90s character like Blossom   Dress the part and go as a 90s character like Fresh Prince

We have our own 90s 411 costume board here for tons of inspiration:

90s costume idea: Dazed and Confused
Dazed and Confused
  90s costume idea: Marge Simpson
Marge Simpson
  90s costume idea: Forest Gump and Jenny
Forest Gump and Jenny
  90s costume idea: Steve Urkel
Steve Urkel
  90s costume idea: Edward Scissorhands
Edward Scissorhands


Of course, you don’t want to send your guests home empty handed. Why not give your party guests a parting gift? Beanie babies aren’t worth the hundreds they were back in the day–you can pick up a party-sized lot of them on eBay for cheap. Slap bracelets made a brief comeback and are still available online in hundreds of styles. If you’re more creative, get a hold of a button maker and personalize 90s-themed pinback buttons for everyone at your party.

90s party favor ideas: Beanie Babies   90s party favor ideas: Slap Bracelets   90s party favor ideas: 90s-themed pinback buttons


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