Pepsi Commercials


Cindy Crawford loves her PepsiPepsi hit us up with musicians and supermodels in their 1990s ad campaigns. There was the Van Halen "Right Now" Crystal Pepsi commercial, Ray Charles telling us Diet Pepsi was the "Right One Baby," and who could forget Cindy Crawford snapping open the ice-cold can of Diet Pepsi on a hot summers day in the middle of nowhere? Did anyone (other than the two boys in the commercial) notice that the ad’s purpose was to promoted the Diet Pepsi can’s new look? Or was everyone just starring at Cindy the whole time?



Crystal Pepsi – Van Halen "Right Now"   Diet Pepsi – Ray Charles, "You Got the Right One Baby"
Pepsi’s New Look – Cindy Crawford   Pepsi Deprivation Experiment – Cindy Crawford
Drink Pepsi, Collect Points, Get Cool Stuff
All the girls look like Cindy Crawford at this college
  Norman Pheeny: Pepsi Drinker For Life
(featuring Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks and Bridget Hall)


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