90s 411 Most Pinned Stories


The 90s can best be remembered and appreciated through pictures. So, what better to celebrate the 90s than with Pinterest. If you aren’t yet following us on Pinterest, what are you waiting for? It’s the bomb. Here we bring you the top 10 most pinned stories from the website in the past week, featuring everything from hair fashion, to commercials, TV, party games, 90s music, and costume ideas for your next 90s party.



90s Hair Accessories: Scrunchies   90s Supermodels: Cindy Crawford & Claudia Schiffer
Budweiser Frogs & Lizards Commercials   Courtney Love 90s Costume Idea
Beverly Hills 90210   "Nice & Slow" by Usher off his My Way album
90s Party Games   90s Hairstyles: The Rachel
90s Hair Accessories: Butterfly Clips   Roseanne


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