5 Valentine’s Day Gifts that Will Make Any 90s Kid Swoon


The 90s were a glorious time for cheesiness, and what better time to be cheesy than on Valentine’s Day? It may be a struggle to procure those perforated
cardstock valentines of yore that featured romantic heroes such as Michael
Jordan, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas, but that doesn’t mean
you can’t still whip up a little nostalgia for your 90s-era lover.

Mix Tape

Every 90s kid knows that the only way to really prove your best-friendship or
love for a crush is to create a mix tape of songs that define your relationship. The
simplicity of CDRs has virtually destroyed the era of the mix tape, but a mix CD
will never have the same impact as a cassette that was painstakingly paused,
rewound and recorded just for the object of your affection. From Whitney
Houston’s "I Will Always Love You" to "More than Words" by Extreme to
absolutely anything by Boys to Men, you can find the perfect personalized track
list to charm your sweetheart. The only problem might be finding a dual cassette


deck on which to record your romantic intentions. Happily, you can use this handy flash-drive-disguised-as-cassette to keep it retro enough to be touching, but modern enough to be useful.

Cassette Tape Flash Drive 

Classic Gaming Systems

Though most of our cell phones these days can run games more advanced than the original Nintendo Game Boy®, there is definitely something to be said for nostalgia. There’s a special feeling you get when you’re holding that monochrome brick of plastic in your hands is so much more gratifying than watching a full-color Kirby on an iPhone. If the Game Boy isn’t your sweetie’s style, plenty of used gaming shops sell used NES and SNES systems (and games) for dirt cheap.

Nintendo Gameboy 

Personalized Pencils

Originally used as marketing giveaways at trade shows, personalized pencils became all the rage amongst middle and junior high schoolers in the 90s. Not only could you catch your pencil-thieving friends in the act, but you could convey messages of love and affection to your classmates by bestowing upon them an engraved writing implement. Lead and wood — how romantic!

Personalized Pencils 

Nostalgic TV Tees

Let’s face it, you had a favorite Legends of the Hidden Temple team. Was it the Blue Barracudas or the Silver Snakes? The Orange Iguanas or the Purple Parrots? Wherever your lover’s allegiance lay back in the day, you can give them the ability to support their favorite colored duo. If you’re significant other wasn’t a big Legends fan, never fret: Power Rangers-themed clothing has made a big comeback, too, thanks in part to 80stee.com, selling tees and dresses in your favorite ranger color.

Pink Power Rangers dress 

Chia Herb Garden

Finally, that useless terra-cotta head that won’t grow has morphed into a marginally functional herb garden that might! 1993 saw the release of Chia Herb Garden (discontinued and replaced by the "Terra Cotta Chia Herb Garden" two years later), which boasted fresh herbs for your soups and salads without having to leave the comfort of your kitchen window. If cooking isn’t your lover’s strong suit, the 90s also produced several other heartwarming Chia novelties: the bunny, turtle, pig, frog, hippo, cow, and lion cub.

Chia Herb Garden 


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