Bodysuits – A Uniquely 90s Fashion Moment


BodysuitPicture the scene. I am 15 years old and have gone to the roller disco with my friends. The place to be for anyone under drinking age on a Saturday in 1990’s England. I am the pinnacle of nineties fashion with my baggy jeans, Winona Ryder backcombed bob, supershort blue satin baseball jacket and white short-sleeved bodysuit….

Before I continue let me describe a bodysuit so that you can appreciate the full glory of the story I am about to tell you. If you have a baby then picture a baby vest (a onesie). If you do not have a baby, then picture a leotard or a one-piece swimsuit which fastens with snaps under the crotch. These snaps were sometimes uncomfortable (because the snaps


are in the most annoying of places) and always inconvenient (because it took ten minutes to dress yourself again after going to the toilet). Despite that, bodysuits were in every girl’s wardrobe (let’s say 1991-1993) until the belly button piercing cut-off top 1990’s fashion trend arrived.

So – back to the roller rink. I am looking good and feeling cool. Pearl Jam is playing and the boy two years older than me who always sits in the DJ booth and who I have been making eyes at for the past month is actually noticing I exist and watching my every move. Really! I nip to the toilets to redo my lip gloss and empty my bladder then back out to do some seriously sexy skating. Round and round I go. Getting more and more confident with every swoosh and he is actually watching me. Intently. One hour later it is time to leave so I pop to the toilets before the long bus ride home.

I steal a look at myself in the mirror before I enter a cubicle and my fragile teenage ego crashes down around my Converse Allstars. I realize that I have spent the last hour with the back half of my body suit un-popped and flapping behind me as I skated around. I must have flapped my tail at my teen crush about 50 times.

Despite my tale of woe and the regular crotch pain, bodysuits were actually a pretty reasonable 1990’s women’s fashion trend which would not look too out of place today. So you see. Clothing of the 1990s wasn’t all hideous! (By the way, next time we cross paths remind me to tell you about the time I forgot my swimsuit on holiday (vacation) and had to wear a body suit instead – oh the ever-useful bodysuit)!


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