From Sexy + 17 to the 90s Swing Movement – Brian Setzer Was Cool All the Way

Brian SetzerBrian Setzer is the perfect example of a hot 80s rocker that made a
successful – and unusual – transition from 80s rockabilly pop star to
swing movement
king. In fact, it could be argued that he was responsible in
each case for re-popularizing those particular styles of music. He is a
3-time Grammy winning musician and an all around cool guy. So let’s
This Town
and learn a little more about him.

His music career began
in the

that would first make him famous, the Stray Cats. Their rockabilly sound was
fresh for 1980, an era in which the charts were largely dominated by either
new wave or schlocky pop. Sensing that their style might have a greater
appeal across the Atlantic, Setzer took his band over to London where rock
icon and producer Dave Edmunds heard them play, clearing the path towards a
record deal.

Stray Cats: Lee Rocker, Brian Setzer, & Slim Jim PhantomThe Stray Cats made it big in 1982 with two top ten
singles from his album Built for Speed, “Stray
Cat Strut
” and “Rock
This Town
.” He brought back some of the 50s look and feel to music, with
a relentless energy and focus on musicality that in many ways was missing
from the sterile aesthetic being promoted by the synth-driven bands Setzer
shared the record shelves with. The Stray Cats would crumble under the
stress of stardom, but rather than disappear Brian Setzer continued to
record in a variety of different styles, stretching himself musically and
building a strong fan base.

Brian Setzer whalin' on his guitarSetzer’s second brush with stardom came in 1998, when he
The Dirty Boogie. This album, recorded with his Brian Setzer
Orchestra big band, crested the wave of interest that had built up around
the swing genre. Led by the smash single “Jump,
Jive an’ Wail
, Setzer’s take on swing music was heavy with his rough
and dirty guitar sound, complemented by tight arrangements that made the
album very danceable. He managed to dress up his rockabilly bad boy persona
in fresh duds and import it over to swing, making him unquestionably the
most popular artist of the 90s’ brief flirtation with retro sounds.

The Brian Setzer Orchestra performing at the White HouseThere are, of course, other musicians that have
successfully transitioned from one decade to the next, but what makes Brian
Setzer stand out is the very different styles of music that he made so
famous. Not only did he move from the 80s to the 90s and beyond, but he also
dragged previously-extinct musical styles kicking and screaming
along with him. This is in contrast to an artist like Madonna, who despite
her serious staying power in the music business has remained faithful to the
expectations of her pop/dance genre.

Recognition for Setzer has come in the form of the
previously-mentioned Grammy awards and many prestigious gigs played at
venues as diverse as at the White House and Dancing with the Stars (October
21, 2008). He has continued to record off and on throughout the ‘oughts,
both as a solo artist and with his Orchestra, proving that amazing talent
can survive any number of sea changes in the music industry.

Stray Cat's "Built For Speed" (1982)

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Jump Jive an’ Wail
This Town

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The Brian Setzer Orchestra's "The Dirty Boogie" (1998)

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