The Comeback of Cutoffs


March 12, 2012


Alli Denning of 90s 411 sporting cutoffs back in 1992Previous seasons have flirted with cutoff jeans, but not until this spring have they made a serious comeback. Cutoff jean shorts were a fashion staple up through the mid-90s (see our piece on this very 90s fashion trend). As everyone gets spring fever and the summer clothes hit the shelves it is clear that the jean short is back in a big way (or in a little way as the case may more accurately be). That is, this season’s cutoff comeback features shorts a good big


shorter than those that we sported in the early to mid-90s. The shorter version existed of course as was celebrated in Duice’s 1993 hit, "Dazzey Duks," but most folks simply cut off a pair of jeans mid-thigh and then turned them up (see this pic from 1992 of 90s 411’s own Alli Denning).

I’m not sure the right word for the new version of jean shorts is "cutoffs" since none of these new styles was actually ever a full length pair of jeans, but we’ll go with it. For those that frequent Pinterest, many a polyvore outfit can be found built around a pair of cutoff jeans. See several examples below. A recent trip to Target also yielded lots of options. The J. Crew version is a little more in keeping, length-wise, with the length of the 90s cutoffs we wore. If you don’t want to pay for new cutoffs, you could always kick it 90s style and actually cut off some jeans to make your own.

Jean cut-off shorts from J. Crew   jean cut-off shorts from polyvore   Jean cut-offs from Polyvore   Jean cut-offs from Polyvore   Jean cut-off shorts from Target
via J. Crew   via Polyvore   via Polyvore   via Polyvore   via Target

For some inspiration, we found this great example of up-to-date styling with cutoffs. I love the stacked bracelets and fitted plaid top. In this example, they have elected to go with classic Levi’s cutoffs with a single roll up for the cuff. A big thank you goes out to the Atlantic-Pacific blog for their permission to include this photo.

Jean Cutoffs (photo credit: Atlantic-Pacific blog) 

To get you in the right mood for your new pair of jean cutoffs, here’s Duice. Come on baby, kick them Dazzeys!


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