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The noughties saw the rise of the Emo (people into "emotional hardcore") and the Eighties saw the rise of the Punk. The 1990s link between these two genres was the Goth.

The Goths were actually a Germanic tribe in the 3rd and 4th Century famed for being barbarians and overthrowing the Roman Empire. The word has since been used to describe everything from art to architecture to literature (most famously Bram Stoker’s Dracula).

The modern Goths are a subculture of people that became fashionable in the 90s. Although Goths all have different lifestyles, beliefs and religions the


stereotypical Goth of nineties fashion was a person who wore Victorian, Edwardian and Medieval style black flowing clothing and often had piercings and tattoos. They stereotypically also listened to dark music, had a love of dark poetry and literature and vampire movies. People who actually follow the Goth lifestyle will tell that it is far more complex and unique than that with everyone being accepting of each other but hey we are talking fashion baby so let’s stick with the superficial.

So if you want to dress like a Goth then don some Victorian garb and either a Christian cross, an Egyptian Ankh, an Eye of Horus or some other meaningful religious or spiritual symbol on a pendant. Black wasn’t the only color which Goths wore, although it was pretty predominant. Dark rich purples, reds and greens also made an appearance. Long gloves were a must and could be full gloves, fingerless or just link around a middle finger – black satin or fishnet were good bets to remain a dedicated follower of 1990’s fashion. Fishnet hose were also an acceptable alternative to black or striped tights. The jewelry of choice was chunky or intricate but always pewter or silver and usually had a religious or animal theme.

Did I dip into being a Goth? Of course I did. I defy you to name a 1990’s women’s fashion that I did not flirt with. My Goth moment saw me in a lot of black, stripy tights, high heeled Victorian lace up boots (with pointy toes) and black nail polish. My earrings were little silver safety pins (fake – they just had a break in the middle where the post was so it looked like you had safety pins in your ears) and my ring was a silver rose with thorns. My black eye-liner worked overtime and I watched Interview With The Vampire, The Crow and Lost Boys over and over again (I was in love with the not so Gothic Corey Haim). I read Anne Rice but didn’t listen to any hardcore music – I wasn’t so serious about it that I was willing to give up on New Kids On The Block or Lenny Kravitz (although to this day I do still have a thing for Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme).

My only fashion regret with this fashion fad of the 90’s? Still living at home I had to make do with sloppy layered blacks and not the sexy corseted S&M stuff of 90s fashion which I really wanted to wear. Booooooo!

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