Nokia Cell Phones


By Julie Anderson


Nokia brick cell phone from the early 90s (photo credit: Lorien 1976)It’s the nineties. iPhone – what’s that? Blackberry? What, like cobbler? Droid… I’m so sure!

Oh, you want to see my cell phone. Check it: it’s a Nokia.

The first cell phones appeared in the late seventies, but it wasn’t until the nineties that they became affordable for the masses. The first phones were ginormous by today’s standards. Here’s an early 90s brick phone from Nokia (pictured at left):

And here’s the Nokia 2110, a sleeker model (pictured below).


Nokia 2110 cell phone
Nokia 2110

Nokia phones dominated the cell phone market in the mid and late 1990s. Nokia’s candybar-styled phones were both sturdy and omnipresent.

Nokia cell phones of the 90s were built tough (via:
Via: imgur

I love this scene from Clueless in which Cher (Alicia Silverstone) and Dee (Stacey Dash) chat in the school hallway.

The best selling Nokias of the 90s were the very similar 5160 and 6160 styles. Their 5.2 inch tall frames featured monochrome displays AND antennae. Another bonus of Nokia phones was an actual video game. You could, like, play a game on your phone. Crazy! Check this link to play some snake online.

Having trouble remembering just what the original Nokia ringtone was? Thinking maybe it’s lost to your memory forever?

Don’t worry – if you were around at all in the 90s, you definitely know this sound:

I love this Nokia ad from the 90s that elegantly incorporates the ring tone into pleasant classical music:

I also love this violinist in Slovakia who riffs on the sound of a rudely interrupting Nokia:

Old school Nokias have a lot to be proud of: nice, large buttons, super-sturdy case, and decreased likelihood of theft. However, it’s hard to compete with the coolness of touch-screen technology, thirty bazillion apps, and the entire internet at your very fingertips. Some people still feel the love for their vintage Nokias, but, sadly, they’ll all eventually end up in a drawer or landfill.

You don’t have to forget your affection for your nineties Nokia, though, and that ever-present ringtone. It’s a big part of your cell phone history, which makes it a big part of your LIFE. Larry Gallagher had clearly heard his fill of the Nokia ringtone when he composed "Ode to the Nokia Ringtone":

Jacob Vendt, however, is totally feeling the love for his Nokia. Check out his slammin’ cell phone waltz:

You go, Jacob Vendt! BOO-YAH!


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