Pretty Woman (1990)


By Ryan Zimmerman
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Pretty WomanPretty Woman was the modern day movie fairytale of the 1990s. A love story centered around the prince and a princess, so to speak, who find each other, as well as eventual true love, in life. Rather than slaying a dragon, or being awakened by a kiss, these two main characters find each other through the age old occupation of prostitution.

While the premise seems a bit iffy and implausible, the movie unfolds to make believers out of us all. Richard Gere, who plays Edward, a highly successful businessman, stumbles upon Vivian, played by the incredibly likeable Julia Roberts, as he stops on her corner to ask for


directions. The directions turn into an hour, which turn into an entire evening of the two spending time together in an immaculate penthouse, thus foreshadowing the unavoidable romance that would be soon to follow.

Edward continues to pay his way into Vivian’s heart, via money and Rodeo drive shopping sprees, as the business partnership unwinds into much more than either of them had originally expected. Solidifying the sincerity of their courtship, Vivian surrenders her guard, and kisses Edward on the lips- an action she had refrained from doing in the past due to the personal aspect of locking lips. Tensions, however, start to fly, as the lovers crossed paths eventually catch up to them. Their two incredibly different worlds collide with ridicule from Edward’s business clients and partners, thus causing a nearly irreconcilable tension between the two.

Vivian admits that what she is looking for is a true fairy tale ending (and fresh start) with the two of them together. Edward cannot commit to such a personal change in life, so the two part ways. Love ends up getting the best of Edward the next day, as he hops in his white limousine, personifying the white horse of the fairy tale, and seeks out Vivian, with an armful of flowers and an open heart. He scales the fire escape to Vivian, and the movie comes to an end with Vivian telling her prince, as she was rescued, that she would rescue him right back—sealing the deal with a smooch.

Pretty Woman brought Julia Roberts into the limelight, and with her contagious cackle and her smile that 10 out of 10 dentists recommend, she became a box office bank and America’s true sweetheart. While some may scoff at the idea of a business man falling for a hooker, the movie and plot really worked. And hey, it’s better than a movie about a business man and a gerbil.

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