Saved by the Bell (1989-1993)


By Ryan Zimmerman
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Saved By The Bell - Zack, Kelly, AC Slater, Jessie, Lisa, & ScreechHey Everyone! Listen up, because school is now in session and it is time to study up on the 90s sitcom, Saved by the Bell. Straying from the common cartoons of Saturday morning, NBC brought us Saved by the Bell, a high school-based sitcom that aimed to provide humor and deliver real life situations to kids and teens across the country. Whether it was Zack’s ongoing on again, off again relationship with the school hottie, Kelly Kapowski (who helped teen boys sprout moustaches and armpit hair all across the country) or A.C. Slater calling Jessie "Mama" 9,842 times, the show never failed to deliver teen romance at its finest. Zack and Kelly, Slater and Kelly, Jessie and Slater. It was


like a dating "round robin." But Zack and Slater realized that they shouldn’t fight over the ladies and instead began to focus on being friends and wrestling partners (this, I believe, was the first on screen revelation of the "Bros before Hos" mindset).

Cute Couple - Zack & KellyThe show rolled on for several years and was the type of TV series where everything is memorable. Let me try an experiment. Try and not laugh or smile at the mentioning of the following: "The sauce-a-you can have, but the secret, she’s-a-mine!" Let’s try another: "Buddy Bands." Okay, last one: "The Sprain" dance. If you didn’t at least crack a smile, you either are not a true Bayside Tiger, or you have no soul.

The show also did leave us with a few mysteries. For example, how in the world did a goof like Screech end up being Valedictorian of Bayside? The guy couldn’t even recognize Zack when he dressed up like a girl and pretended to be his date. Or, why wasn’t Jessie in the "Zack Attack?" She obviously could carry a tune, (with the aid of some caffeine pills) "I’m so excited. … I’m so tired!!!" But remember kids, "There is no hope with dope!" – brought to you by Johnny Dakota. And, of course, where did Zack get that massive cell phone? I am surprised that thing fit in his car, let alone his locker. Well, I’m off to The Max for a bite to eat with Miss Bliss. Wait. I just lost my appetite. Slater ripped off his clothes, to reveal a skin tight leotard, and is now dancing around the restaurant like Tinkerbell on crack (foreshadowing perhaps his later appearance on Dancing with the Stars?). One last thing – Screech – you are wanted in Mr. Belding’s office. … Something about a home movie?

AC Slater   Jessie Spano   Zack Morris   Kelly Kapowski   Screech Powers   Lisa Turtle   Mr. Belding
AC Slater
Mario López
  Jessie Spano
Elizabeth Berkley
  Zack Morris
Mark-Paul Gosselaar
  Kelly Kapowski
Tiffani-Amber Thiessen
  Screech Powers
Dustin Diamond
  Lisa Turtle
Lark Voorhies
  Mr. Belding
Dennis Haskins


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