Seinfeld (1990-1998)


By Ryan Zimmerman
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Seinfeld - Elaine, George, Jerry & KramerSeinfeld was originally billed as the "show about nothing," however, it ended up meaning everything to so many people. Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine formed a formidable foursome of comedic genius. Each character brought something unique and special to an already special show. Seinfeld was this comedic cog that kept turning, and needed all 4 parts equally to thrive. The show itself had such a social impact that many mannerisms and quips are still uttered today, continuing to pay 


homage to the show that started them. … "Yada Yada Yada." … "Spongeworthy." … "Hellloooooooo." … The list goes on and on and so do the memories.

You had Jerry — the comedian with the whine in his voice, that had the ability to carry the show on his back. Then there was George … the incredibly cheap and lSeinfeld logoazy best friend, whose lifestyle was both admirable and abominable all at the same time. Elaine brought a quick wit and the rambunctiousness of a snotty cheerleader, all while allowing the audience to support and love her. And Kramer was Kramer. If any name was synonymous with “slapstick,” Cosmo was it. He stumbled through doors and bumbled down stairs and fumbled his way through life, both physically and verbally.

While the quirky quad that was George, Jerry, Elaine and Kramer helped lay the foundation as main characters, Seinfeld also provided its viewers with an incredibly entertaining onslaught of co-characters. Newman — the oversized and overstimulated mail carrier. Frank — George’s father and entrepreneur of the "Bro," the bra for men. Susan — George’s fiancée, who met her fate by licking toxic stamps, inadvertently (somewhat) supplied to her by her beau. Puddy and Peterman. "Crazy" Joe Davola and Dolores (Mulva).

Season after remarkable season, Seinfeld delivered laugh after laugh, one-liner after one-liner. I would love to run through many more of them, but I have a Dr. appointment with Dr. von Nostrand — he says he can take care of this odd mole I have.

Newman   Puddy   Frank & Estelle Costanza   Soup Nazi   Peterman
Newman   David Puddy   Estelle & Frank Costanza    Soup Nazi    J. Peterman 


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