The Best 90s Game Consoles Of All Time

The 90’s marked the time of the video game boom and if you were a kid in the 90’s, you played video games.  Here is our short list for the most popular and most iconic gaming systems of the 1990’s.

Original Game Boy

Release Date 1989

Alright so we’re starting off this list with something that was released in 1989, but we don’t care.  Do you remember sitting in the back of your family’s mini-van blowing into your Tetris cartridges?  Well I do, and it’s why this is on our list.  Every kid in the 90’s had a Game Boy and it is the quintessential gaming device of the time.  It had the best games, would last a very long time on fresh batteries, and no one seemed to care that it didn’t have any color.

Game Gear

Release Date 1995

When Game Gear hit the market, it had the ability to crush the ancient feeling Gameboy.  It had a bright screen, felt nice to play and for all of us who had been playing GameBoy for years, it felt like a huge step up.  The reason it did not become a GameBoy killer was specifically around two major things: Games and that bright screen.  You see, Sonic The Hedgehog couldn’t carry this device by it’s lonesome, and Nintendo just had a Monopoly on addictive games.  Secondly, if you were a kid trying to play your device without your parents noticing, it was almost impossible with Game Gear.  The screen was so bright that any kid under the covers would get caught immediately.

Virtual Boy

Release Date 1995

Virtual Boy is on our list because it was way ahead of it’s time.  Sure, it was only for the nerdiest and most socially irresponsible early gamers, but with the new advent of VR devices, Virtual Boy will go down in history as an innovator.

Playstation 1

Release Date 1994

When Sony hit the gaming market there was a good deal of skepticism (like X-Box years later).  But the original Playstation was the only console that could compete with the massive popularity of N64. With games like Crash Bandicoot, Grand Turismo, and a host of other more realistic games, it did a great job of creating an alternative gaming niche to the often more cutesy Nintendo offerings.  The only problem is that it divided friendships into PlayStation and N64 camps.  Me?  I was on the Playstation side.

Super Nintendo

Release Date 1991

Super Nintendo was the vastly popular next step after the original Nintendo console.  Graphics-wise it was a huge bump and offered all the classics.  It was met with it’s competitor, Sega Genesis but the Super Nintendo system far out performed Genesis and just like earlier situations, offered much better games.

Nintendo 64

Release Date 1996

And finally, the game console to end all game consoles, Nintendo 64.  N64 was an incredible console for it’s time.  This is a bit embarrassing but when it came out, I told my friend “I don’t think games will ever get more realistic than this”.  Ok, so I was a little wrong about that, but it goes to show where our head space was at at the time.  It out-performed Playstation in terms of graphics, and the games were incredible.  Mariokart, Zelda, Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros, and most notably, GoldenEye.  Which to this day is ending friendships over Remote mines.

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