The Best Toys of the 90’s – RANKED

5. Dream Phone

Dream Phone-MB Games.jpg

Want to talk to cute buys but don’t know any?  This was the toy for you.  Of course, if you were using this when you were 16, you may have wanted to re-think your social life.

4. Bop It

Bop It-Hasbro.jpg

Bop it was the ultimate time wasting tool, until you ended up hating it.  Even though it came out in the 90’s people actually still buy this thing.

3. Super Soaker

Super Soaker XP270, water pistol, £5.99, ADI-STORES.CO.UK

Originally invented by a NASA engineer, Super Soakers took a hot day and turned it into refreshing warfare.  If you grew up in the 90s and didn’t have a Super Soaker, consider yourself deprived.


4. Game Boy

Ah yes, the hand held games that started it all.  Before smart phones became the thing that everyone stared at aimlessly, the Game Boy is what took everyone attention.  Heck, I still use it now.  Who needs Angry Birds when you have Mario 2?

5. Disc-Man


This was the ultimate must have for ANYONE in the 90s.  CDs were king and if you could listen to Britney Spear on the go, you were a god.

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