The Funniest Moments of the 90s

Clarissa Explains It All Fashion

Even though this show was completely awesome, you have to take a cold hard look at the cutting-edge fashion choices that Clarissa made.  It is essentially like an instruction manual for your next 90’s Halloween costume.  To get the full range of these outfits, you have to comb through various episodes, but it’s worth it.

Bill Clintons Affair

Some people may not find the president of the United States having an affair to be funny, but it’s really a sad kind of funny.  He firmly denied the affair only to have to come back and accept it later on as more evidence came out.  Let’s hope Hilary doesn’t get elected next, can you imagine a bored Bill Clinton wandering around the White House?


Given the age we live in now, it’s hilarious to think that we all had to deal with AOL in the early days.  Opening up a client, listening to that terrible 56K modem sound.  Even though it was the dawning of the internet fro most people, looking back on it, it was just funny.

Ron Popeil Infomercials

Ah yes, Ron Popeil, the great TV pitch man. If you were a kid who got home from school early, or an adult staying up late, you invariability found yourself watching Ron Popeil pitch you something with a doubtful co-host.  Everything was amazing and incredible… oh and hilarious.

Everything Saved by The Bell

In an ironic way, Saved by The Bell was one of those shows that at the time that young kids liked because the cast was attractive and confident.  The sad part is really reflecting upon this show in any sort of objective manner.  Forget the fact that Zack could stop time, or that Screech was somehow best friends with the most popular kids in school, just listen to the dialogue of one episode.  Even with that said, I would still watch it to kill some time.

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