Were You a School Kid in the 1990s?


By Julie Anderson


90s quizTurn back the clock to your middle and high school years with us. Let’s stroll down the hallway at school, visit your locker, and find out just what decade you’re in…

1. You hang your jacket up in your locker. Obviously, since you’re wicked cool, it’s:

A. a black leather jacket with lots of zippers
B. an oversized flannel shirt
C. a real rabbit fur jacket
D. a North Face polar fleece


2. You worked ALL NIGHT on your current events project. That thing was a beast! You place your ________ diorama carefully on the top shelf of your locker.

A. Halley’s Comet
B. OJ fleeing in his white Ford Bronco
C. funeral of Elvis Presley
D. Hurricane Katrina

3. Because you want your locker to accurately reflect how dope you are, you have a poster of _________ hanging on the back of the door. It’s da bomb.

A. Duran Duran
B. Dave Matthews
D. The White Stripes

4. Whoa, your locker neighbor is so stylin’! She looks really fly with her:

A. blue eyeshadow and puffy, stiff bangs
B. fake tattoo armband and hemp choker
C. silky, feathered hair and platform heels
D. skunk highlights and nose ring

5. After removing your Spanish for Mastery textbook for first period, you stow your backpack in your locker. It’s personalized with a __________ button.

A. Where’s the Beef?
B. Talk to the Hand
C. Have a Nice Day!
D. That’s What She Said…

6. There’s a special little something in your backpack pocket. It’s your:

A. My Little Pony
B. Beanie Baby
D. Magic 8 Ball
E. Webkinz

7. Shhhh… you also have something FORBIDDEN in your backpack. You would be so busted if you got caught with this, although, between you and me, I think it’s no biggie. It’s:

A. A slap bracelet
B. A Tamagotchi digital pet
C. Jumping beans
D. A cell phone

8. Your mom let you buy some new gym shoes this year, so you’re kind of excited for fifth period to roll around. Then you’ll get to change into your:

A. Nike’s
B. Reebok Pumps
C. Brand new white canvas tennies
D. Vibram five fingers

9. You’re a dude. (If not, pretend you are for just a second.) Just to make sure you’re nice and fresh after gym class, you have some ______ stashed in your gym bag.

A. Polo
B. CK One
C. Old Spice
D. Axe

10. Poufff! Now you’re a girl! You also have a hair accessory to get your hair out of the way during gym so you don’t look like a hot mess. It’s a:

A. Banana clip
B. Scrunchie
C. Ponytail holder with a ball on each end
D. Thin elastic headband

11. After Ms. Stoeger finally releases you from gym class (and YES, you’re still a girl), you’ll change out of your nice new sneakers and back into your:

A. Jelly shoes
B. Birkenstocks
C. Suede, knee-high, lace-up moccasins
D. Crocs

12. Not all of your books are required reading, of course. You also have your novel to keep you occupied during study hall. It’s called:

A. "Double Love: Volume 1 of Sweet Valley High" by Francine Pascal
B. "The Invasion: Animorphs Series" by K.A. Applegate
C. "Forever" by Judy Blume
D. "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" by Ann Brashares

13. Yikes! Your sister just sneaked up on you and slammed your locker door, and you let out a squealy little scream. How humiliating! You say:

A. Oh my God, Jennifer, what’s your damage?
B. Are you going postal or what, Rachel? Step off!
C. You’re trippin’, Mandy! Don’t be such a spaz!
D. Kayla, you creeper! You are such a hose bag!

14. Whatever! Time to bounce. You just can’t wait to get home and play with your:

A. Atari
B. Nintendo 64
C. Pong
D. Xbox

Calculate Your Score

Mostly A’s: You’re a bodacious eighties kid, like TOTALLY.
Mostly B’s: Way fresh! Hella nineties – WORD.
Mostly C’s: Outta sight, man! Late seventies, I dig it!
Mostly D’s: Sweet! Your school peeps were in the 00s!!


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