Where did Jonathan Taylor Thomas Go?

If you start to Google the name “Johnathan Taylor Thomas“, the next top auto-complete is the word “dead”.  So clearly this once teenage heart throb is so out of the spotlight that people think he actually dies.

But no, he is not dead.  Now 34 years old, Johnathan was once known as the most eligible teenager on the TV show Home Improvement, and also voiced Simba on The Lion King.  He graced the cover of countless teen magazines and in a time without much internet, he reigned supreme.

After Home Improvement ended, everyone assumed that JTT would go on to be the next Brad Pitt, but somehow, he seemed to have disappeared.  Turns out, he did not disappear and starred in movies like “Tom and Huck” and “Wild America“.  Don’t remember them?  You’re not alone.  It seems like with many young stars, the kid actor never really made it past his early stardom.

He appeared on a variety of random TV shows and movies, but nothing to the scale of his early fame.


These days, with an estimate net worth of $15 million, he’s probably doing whatever he wants.  But it’s not acting.

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