Late 1990s Y2K Commercials & Videos


Check out these Y2K themed videos . . .

Apple Macintosh "HAL 9000" TV Commercial



Nike "Y2K Jog" TV Commercial ESPN SportsCenter "Y2K test" TV Commercial
The Daily Show – March 9, 1999
"Ours Is Not To Reason Y2K"
Steve Carell finds out if Pez could replace national currency
after Y2K.
The Daily Show – May 10, 1999
"Boone to Mankind"
Pat Boone’s post Y2K vision includes cable TV, drinking our
own urine and eating beaver.
The Daily Show – September 22, 1999
"Y2K Glitch Slap"
Senator Nostradamus provides the United States public with
a barrel of nothing regarding the Y2K bug.
The Daily Show – January 4, 2000
"Y2K No Buggery"
Vance DeGeneres reports from the Federal Y2K Command
Center in his 102nd hour, which has been similar to the
previous 101 hours of nothing, nada
Dilbert "Y2K" Minisode  


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